For soul-led women desiring to embody their feminine power in life, love and leadership...

reclaim your hidden gifts and share them with the world from a place of ease, confidence, and self-trust...

reclaim your hidden gifts and share them with the world from a place of ease, confidence, and self-trust...


Has a big vision for the extraordinary life

you want to live and the impact you want to leave on this world

Wants to break the mold of what “success” looks like for a woman, and embody sustainable leadership that doesn’t cause you to feel like you give all of yourself in your professional life and have nothing left for your personal life.

Desires deep intimacy and connection in love and friendship, to know how it feels to surrender and be held, to trust yourself and others.

Wants to explore the world, feel at home in your body, and delight in Earth’s lush, sensual, pleasures while living by your feminine cycles rather than society’s masculine structure.

You’re not sure what this journey holds for you yet,

but you’re excited to find out

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Taking on more work to prove that you’re capable, then feeling unsupported because you’re the only one who IS capable.

Judging other women who seem to have what you want, thinking “Well it’s easy for her because she has money/doesn’t have kids, etc. “

Getting paralyzed by doubt, telling yourself your dream is too big, not knowing where to start, wondering “Who am I to do this?”

Running every idea by others, researching what certification or credentials you could earn to make you feel “ready”

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I get it, I was there too.

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meet your guide

Twelve years ago I found myself at a crossroads. I was trudging along in my hyper-independent, self-made successful life when the Universe handed me a newborn, a cancer diagnosis, and an alcoholic husband.

I felt so angry, hurt and alone, like everything in my life was falling apart. But it didn’t take long for me to see that I had been ignoring all the previous signs to slow down, to heal and trust myself. Of course it took a great big, out-of-my-hands circumstance for me to finally surrender.

My husband entered AA and for years we journeyed along our own paths of spiritual awakening. Having to piece-meal my experiences, I remember wishing there was a program out there ‘for normal people’. He had a very clearly outlined path, brotherhood, and support, and I was alone. Each step of expansion was followed by a crushing contraction that illuminated just how alone I was.

Yes, I had a few powerful guides along the way - and each of them foretold what I myself could not accept: I was going to be the one to make the path. I was told “You are the teacher you’re looking for. You are the wayshower.”

Slowly, I began to honor the gifts that they could see (and I could not), through a collection of tools and a practice of radical honesty and loving compassion.

I am here to be that voice for you, reminding of the immense potential waiting to be unlocked within you.

We don’t need to do this alone anymore.

Something inside you says it’s time to create another way…

a way to feel LIBERATED from your powerlessness

so that you can BUILD the life you want.

Yes woman, THAT’s the voice to listen to. The Voice the knows that

when you dare to honor the magic within you, the path you have traveled to get here,

the VALUE of your unique expression…

EVERYTHING will change.

This is the transformational power of feminine alchemy.

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Ready to uncover the magical soul work you're here to do?

Let’s bring the unseen out into the light….


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feminine alchemy

Mystery School

For soul-led women desiring to change their life and the world around them from their embodied feminine power.

feminine alchemy mystery school

is a 12 month archetypal initiation program focused on creating deeper connection with self and soul, while grounding you into self-trust and safety that will support you in taking courageous action towards your dreams.

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whether that’s....

... being the mom who doesn’t get triggered by her kids and perpetuate the family trauma,

and instead knows how to model emotional regulation and unconditional love.

... starting a business that allows you to share your passion with the world and receive divine compensation for your profound gifts.

... creating boundaries in your career that allow you to prioritize your joy and not let work consume every waking moment of your day.

... staying centered when everyone and everything around feels like chaos, holding true to your boundaries, not abandoning yourself to make things easier for others.

... experiencing deep trust in the unknown, surrendering control, and allowing all the mysteries of your desire to come to you... without forcing or grasping.

The power of magic grounded in the practical, modern-day world.

The power of magic grounded in the practical, modern-day world.

Unlearn all the conditioning that keeps you small, unworthy, and scared.

Awaken a profound remembrance of your magic.

Honor your body as the temple to access the sacred within you.

Live from the healthiest expression of your feminine and masculine.

What most women looking to reclaim their magic and their power without burning bridges and hurting people

don’t know yet...

don’t know yet...

Being honest and vulnerable brings us DEEPER into connection, not farther from it. So many women feel alone in their pain, not even knowing that the woman right next to them also suffers in silence.

The more we commit to healing, loving, and reclaiming ourselves, the more we give other women permission

to do the same. As personal as it feels, we are healing collective wounds.

That means when YOU do the work, you open the portal

of transformation for all the women who came before you…. and all those yet to come.

You’re healing your relationship with your mother,

your inner child, your daughter, your grandmother,

and passing on trauma-free genes to your grandchildren.

The work is SIMPLE. We are so conditioned to overcomplicate and seek perfection to protect ourselves from judgment and ridicule, but the key to ease and

clarity is LESS, not more.

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All we need is



and a

This is why the

was created

feminine alchemy

Mystery School

Five Star Review Rating

“This is honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life. It’s been truly life changing.

I felt so stagnant, falling back into past patterns. I was tired of living the same day to day life,

the negative self-talk, pleasing others, putting me last, and overthinking everything.

I was tired of myself, because I didn’t even truly know myself.

I was watering down the real me, letting other people's reactions and emotions control

how I lived my life, struggling to set boundaries and watching people trample over them.

Now I am confident in who I am. I’ve eliminated most of the negative self-talk,

I’ve become more present in the moment, I’ve become more grateful for the life I’ve been

given and all the lessons I’ve learned.

I have learned to love myself, how to be present, being the best version of myself that I can be.

I’m building my life around me from now on. I’m falling in love with myself, my hobbies, my interests, my beauty, my radiance, my life.

For anyone who’s looking to start this journey, just go - don’t wait, don’t procrastinate just do it.”

Gold Snake with Moon
Gold Snake with Moon

feminine alchemy

Mystery School

is more than a year-long immersion into the depths of your soul…

More than an embodied experience of the lost art of sacred initiation from Maiden to Queen…

More than monthly initiations into the ancient wisdom of the feminine archetypes…

More than a guided reclamation of your suppressed gifts and powerful intuition…

More than a journey of alchemizing the fears that have kept you bound, small, playing safe into your full blown magic…

More than a path of self-discovery, where you are held and guided by an intuitive, compassionate healer….

More than a library of devotional arts and sacred rituals…

More than an intimate sisterhood of soul-led women, willing to hold, validate and witness you in your magnificent vulnerability…

The Feminine Alchemy Mystery School is a portal of embodied transformation, designed to crack you wide open into the magic of the mysteries, where all the meaning, love, joy, connection and abundance you seek lies waiting for you.

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You cannot follow the traditional path.

There is no diploma, no corporate ladder.


Reclaiming the Feminine is an embodied experience

of awakening her within your being.

She will initiate you into wholeness, self-governance, and sovereignty.

At the heart of alchemy is the pursuit of transformation...

a metaphor for the spiritual journey.

In order to work the sacred arts, the alchemists themselves

must be pure of heart and mind - fully integrating their shadows.

The archetypes hold the key to identifying these shadows:

The sister wound. The mother wound. The witch wound.

Unworthiness. Abandonment. Unbelonging. Shame.

Too much. Too emotional. Ungrateful. Irrational.

As we give voice to these denied and suppressed parts of ourselves,

we walk the path of the Sovereign Woman....

The Wild Woman and the Alchemist.

The Earth Priestess, the Warrior, the Medicine Woman.

The woman who knows that she is everything.

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Five Star Review Rating

“ I was wanting to make changes in my life, but afraid and unsure of the path forward. I now recognize my own ability to make small, manageable *easy* shifts in many aspects of my life,

which in turn gives the power back to me and allows me to create the results that I want.

Emily actively listens to the core of what I am trying to express and comes back with incredible insight into what is actually going on or what I could go deeper on, challenging me to come up with those solutions on my own. It blows my mind what undertones she can gather from my explanation of certain things, which totally shift the perspective and focus in which I was thinking about them. She’s the truth!

I have learned so much about showing up for myself, and have learned many skills to create

positive results. My relationships and my outlook have improved immensely, and most of all

my belief in, and relationship with myself is improving every day.

I couldn’t ask for a better person to hold me on this journey.

This has been the greatest investment in myself that I have made in a long, long time.”


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Over the course of a year, we will journey through sacred initiations of Divine Feminine archetypes.

You will be supported and guided into the deepest parts of you, as you reclaim and reintegrate your soul’s truth, and take bold steps to embody your feminine power.

This is more than a program, it is an EXPERIENCE:

the feminine alchemy mystery school includes:

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phase I: initiation

phase I: initiation

group opening ceremony

group opening ceremony

We’ll create our sacred container together, meet our fellow sisters,

and open the portal for powerful alchemy.

archetypal initiations

archetypal initiations

Through discussion and guided meditation, you’ll journey deep into the self to meet her as she is, hidden within you. Learn how to read visuals and symbols to identify how you have been denying her in your life, and allow her to speak what is ready to be alchemized.

(90-minute live virtual session, first Monday of the month.)

archetypal activations

archetypal activations

An energetic attunement and embodiment session where we’ll use

somatic practices (meditations, movement, singing, dance, and SO much more) to open up to your inner gifts, guidance, and wisdom.

(90-minute live virtual session, second Monday of the month.)

integration practices

integration practices

Access the library of sacred arts and devotional practices to build your relationship with the archetypes and incorporate devotion into your everyday life.

(The 3rd week of the month is for self-practice.)

sisterhood circles

sisterhood circles

Gather as a sisterhood to witness and be witnessed. Practice trust, vulnerability, holding space, deep listening, validating, and nonjudgment in a group setting. A time to express yourself and receive 1:1 support from your guide.

(90-minute live virtual session, fourth Monday of the month.)

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phase II: integration

phase II: integration

integration & SEVA project

integration & SEVA project

The final 3 months of the program will consist of you taking action to implement the work through continued devotional practices, peer exercises, and stepping into leadership with a seva (service) project - whether that’s in the group, your home, at work or in your community. This could look like an art project, leading a workshop, literally anything your soul desires.

You’ll have the support of your sisters as you practice stepping out of your comfort zone and into your fullness.

Monthly sisterhood circles continue, bonus calls and guest speakers.

group CLOSing ceremony

group CLOSing ceremony

We’ll close our sacred container together, honor our sisters and our journey, and send our newly reclaimed gifts into the world.

Feminine desire to BE meets Masculine desire to DO.

deepen your journey...

with practical tools and accountability to build confidence and take action.